Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Iron Violet

The title looks a little like a variation on "Steel Magnolias," doesn't it? Just me? Ok. I just got back from seeing "Iron Man 3" and I'm actually not disappointed, although you know I went in with pretty low expectations. In my opinion, it was the best in the triology, although a couple of the highlights for me were just Rebecca Hall and Pepper's white suit. I'm half joking. I might also have enjoyed it more simply because I haven't seen a superhero movie in quite a while and sometimes it's nice to just watch a really, genuinely cool action flick.

I almost titled this post "Lobsta Killa" which probably won't make sense to anyone here. One of my favourite films is "Julie and Julia" (starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams) and there's a scene in which Amy's character has to cook a live lobster. She imagines a voice calling "lobster killer" to her, which her husband chooses to haunt her with as he lurks around the kitchen watching her cook. How did I just make the story of two foodies into a movie that sounds like it was directed by Hitchcock? It's actually great and so hilarious, and what inspired me to buy the sweater I'm wearing in these pictures.
MAC zoom lash mascara in "Black"
Eyes: lighest grey in E.L.F everyday palette, MAC pigment in "Violet"

Jeans: American Eagle

Sweater: F21
Any big movie plans on the horizon? I'm really looking forward to the next couple of weeks because of "Star Trek" and "The Great Gatsby" coming out back to back!