Monday, 6 May 2013

Vended Bubblegum

Today's title is not a quotation (gasp!) but rather a reference to both the colour of my pants in these pictures and a humourous weekend occurrence. I mentioned to you already that I was spending some time with family on Saturday, and during this time, I went to a mall with my cousin. She is one key element of this story. The other is the almost-staple feature of malls everywhere: the kiosk of gumball machines. I don't know how long they've been there, and I have my doubts as to the nutritional quality of the gum inside them (because it's pure sugar, but mostly because I cannot determine its age), but mostly I ignore them. This is something the aforementioned cousin was not able to do. She caved to the novelty of shopping mall gum and bought a pomegranate-flavoured ball for 25 cents. The best part was the crunch of the gum's outer layer as she bit into it. Deee-sgusting!
Pants: Joe Fresh; Shoes: Naturalizer
Blazer: F21; Cami: Old Navy
Hope you've all been having a good Monday!