Thursday, 2 May 2013

It's like having a perfect haircut every single day

Today's quotation not only expresses what I'm sure is many people's aesthetic utopia, but also comes from the show "Gilmore Girls." I know I quoted this series a lot last year so I'm going to try to avoid it this time around, but I couldn't resist today since I am personally really looking forward to my next haircut (see previous post). Because this won't be taking place until Sunday, I didn't want you to feel starved for photographs until then, so today, let's jump into nail polish. (Not literally, because, you know, the thick sticky texture, not to mention the smell.)
So tiny!
My mom purchased this teeny bottle for me from Sally in the States (we do also have these stores in Canada, however). So teeny is it (5.3ml), apparently the company felt that it did not qualify for a name. This irritates me more than it probably should because I feel like the name is really what sells nail polish to me--after liking the actual polish colour, of course. Anyway, it's an amazingly pretty periwinkle blue and I loved it right away. Most of the affection I felt was probably linked to the fact that it was the same colour as my favourite crayon as a child. Please tell me this is not a weird thing to have a favourite of?

To the product itself. As you can see, I don't have it on my nails in the picture. This is because I applied it during exam season before I had time to work on the blog, but the product ended up being such a stand-out that I felt like it still deserved a mention after it was off my nails. As in, I lazily put on just two coats (normally I do three, plus top coat) and it somehow looked incredible for almost a week and a half. I can hardly believe it myself, but I definitely want to try another colour of Sally's home brand nail polish to see if the suberb quality is consistent, or my bottle is just magic.

I'm heading off to the library soon, absolutely starving for reading material! Which colour or colours are you looking forward to wearing on your nails this spring/summer?



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