Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Be still like vegetables

Today's quotation is from one of my favourite films and also a pretty good representation of what I'll be doing this afternoon: absolutely nothing. This line is spoken by Julia Roberts as Vivian Ward in "Pretty Woman" when she suggests to her host (Richard Gere's Edward Lewis) that he should spend some time relaxing in front of the TV. I didn't just appropriate this quotation to complain about the paralysing heat here (yet again), but to facilitate a post that will hopefully help you learn a little bit more about me. 

In the world of international and timeless style icons, many people select Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, or Sophia Loren as their biggest role models (obviously there are many, many more to chose from, I'm just reaching for the most common). Well, I am not fortunate enough to possess perfectly curled blonde locks, a face for oversized cat eye sunglasses (I have small features, so any large shades absolutely dwarf me), or for exotic cat eye makeup for that matter. The look that I find myself turning to time and time again is instead the aforementioned character of Vivian Ward. Just to be clear, we're talking after the blonde wig and safety-pinned boots. For me, Vivian is just so incredibly classy in a way that very few woman (characters included) have been, and that even fewer women are now. Her style is timeless and simple, and she always, always, always has the right accessories. I realize, of course, how much easier putting together such a wardrobe becomes when you have a wealthy professional on hand to bankroll the entire shopping excursion. Don't you just love it when Mr. Hollister inquires as to the amount Edward will be dropping in his store and he replies "Really offensive"? I would love for someone to spend that specific quality of cash on me!
So many clothes!!
Another big attraction for me about Vivian is actually one about Julia as well: her hair. I've been lucky enough in my life to always feel pretty comfortable with the way I look. The only thing I've ever wished for that I didn't have, in terms of physical attributes, was red hair. I longed for red hair as a child, and when I watch "Pretty Woman" I can't help but be reminded. Even with all that class (what an ironically noneloquent phrasing), Vivian's hair helped her original feisty personality shine through. She may look like a lady, but she's also vivacious and savvy enough to keep looking out for #1; I like to think this is a trait Vivian and I share. My favourite look in terms of her hair in this film was during the bar scene ("You're late" "You're stunning" "You're forgiven". . . you know the one). I remember wanting my hair done just like it for one of my high school semi-formals but didn't end up having this up-do because I couldn't find a good enough picture, or my hair wasn't long enough, or some other triviality.
"You're late."
I can't say I have quite enough style, patience, or money to dress like Vivian Ward every day (sometimes I do end up with similar looks coincidentally though), but if I did, I'm sure I would like it "better than Pirates of Penzance"!
"If they love it, they will always love it."

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