Wednesday, 13 June 2012

To world enough, and time

I only have another quick post today, so my apologies. I got home from seeing "Prometheus" with my friend and I wanted to show you what I wore. I ended up going for what turned out to be a sort of nautical outfit. I really love my navy and, as you should definitely be able to tell by now, my coral. I felt that this outfit was cute, comfortable enough to sit in the theatre in for a couple of hours, and still stylish, though technically just denim and a tank top. The pants are actually capris, but I've been rolling down the cuff lately because I think they look great as cropped pants too. I'm wearing flip-flops in these pictures, but I ended up going in brown leather gladiator sandals and the brown leather Fossil bag (which I was also wearing in a previous post). These shots also give you a look at my glasses, which I don't normally wear out. I snapped these before doing my makeup just to make sure I had a few images of my clothing before my friend arrived to pick me up.

As for the movie itself, the main idea it left me with is that if ever I find myself on an alien planet, I will absolutely NOT touch anything.

The quotation I've used for this post is from my favourite novel, Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveler's Wife, but originally references the poem "To His Coy Mistress" by Andrew Marvell. I thought this might be appropriate for today/tonight since this entry marks the one week mark in my blog's existance! To tack on an extra meaning, which you know I can never resist doing if there's an opportunity, I could also say that the "world enough" part is how I feel after seeing "Prometheus." I can say that this film has completely put me off space travel for the time being and the Earth is looking like a pretty lovely place to be this evening.
Top: Hollister; Capris: DKNY via TJMaxx

Happy one week to my dear blog and onwards and upwards from here!


  1. I like the red and nautical stripe combination and your gentle sense of humor.

    1. Well thanks very much for that sweet compliment! Stop by again :)