Thursday, 21 June 2012

I'll shout the name back to you

Good evening/morning/afternoon to you all! Today's quotation comes from the film "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl," which is really quite a mouthful to say after being used to just calling it "Pirates." I really love the series, and the part I've taken this line from is the argument between Captains Jack and Barbossa in which Jack plans to leave Barbossa stranded on an island in possession of not so much as his own name. Strangely, this bizarre little exchange does hold some relevance for my post. I recently asked you to recommend a few new nail colours for me (preferably for summer, possibly pink). Well, I haven't been out to buy any yet, though I did get a few lovely suggestions, and I decided I'd better just paint my nails something different in the meantime. This came in the form of an absolutely gorgeous red OPI nail polish, which I unfortunately don't know the name of since it's just a mini one my mother gave me a couple of years back. If any of you can recognize it (if you do, you are a nail polish wizard) please feel free to do like Captain Jack and shout the name back to me! Or, you know, leave a comment. Whatever works!

I'm just enamored with this red, which is strange for me because I'm not usually a fan of red. I bought a nice red shirt last month, but other than that, I have no red items in my possession. I'm sure that shirt will turn up in an OOTD eventually, so keep a look out for that! I have quite fair skin (apart from the plethora of freckles) with pink undertones, and I find that a nice warm red works best for me (more yellow-red than blue-red, if you know what I mean?). Anyway, this red has become very near and dear to my heart for actually looking good on me. To make the application of this colour even nicer, I did my nails in between watching the film "Pretty Woman" (I couldn't do it while watching because I hate missing even a little of a movie I love so much). If you want more info as to why this would be such a great experience for me, please check out my last blog post.
A little blurry, but ooooh! Pretty!
A sharper image, but as you can see, not as true to the warmth of the colour.
If you have any more nail colour suggestions, or maybe even a specific colour and movie combo (why shouldn't such a thing exist?!), please leave a comment for me to read!