Thursday, 5 July 2012

The lesson of the twilight wind: the screw strikes back

Today I've woken up feeling surprisingly motivated. It's still morning, but it already seems like it's going to be a hot one; my face feels all stuffed up, so that's a positive harbinger for humidity. Hopefully I'll get through the rest of the short novel I'm reading: Henry James' The Lesson of the Master. I know I said The Turn of the Screw was meant to be next on my reading list, but both of these stories are bound together in one book and by the time I got started on it the other day, it was fairly late at night. I'm expecting The Turn of the Screw to creep me out enough without the added bonus of being immersed in it alone at night, so I flipped to the other novel instead.

I'm also hoping to get some drawing done today; a skill I've yet to mention I possess on this blog. I literally have generations of artists behind me on my father's side, including my father himself. I do not profess to be on the same level as them at all, but I do enjoy drawing; it's extremely relaxing. Like a coward, I prefer not to test the extent of my abilities (you can laugh here), so I stick to drawing things that aren't real and can't move. Pretty thrilling! Mostly I draw things from posters I have in the house. I worked on Bella and Edward from a "Twilight" film poster a few years ago and have lately been drawing Han and Leia's "Gone With the Wind" pose in the "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back" poster. I'm not making it up by the way, their pose is recognized as mimicking the same one on the "Gone With the Wind" poster and is titled as such.
I drew this pose. . . minus the title!
Only Han and Leia from this one. The poster as a whole is so overwhelming!
My horribly chipped nails inform me that another thing I need to do today is remove my old red nail polish. If I paint them again today (or maybe tomorrow, we'll see), I'll post a new NOTD for you. Right now, I'm contemplating using a certain bluish-turquoise from China Glaze, but we'll have to wait for the finished result to see for sure!

The title of this post is also terribly unclever. . . three guesses where it came from!



  1. Hi! I've tagged you in the Beautiful Blogger Award :) Check it out, I hope you can do it!